Syed Kazim Jamal

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Syed Kazim Jamal
26 Y
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Karachi, Pakistan

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The love for software development has made me to reject many offers from leading tech companies because of their paths differing from software development. I am keen and enthusiastic about working with professionals on the path that I love and I believe that not only will I be able to become an asset to the company but also be a highly motivated and strongly committed developer because I believe that having a career in what you love never lets you get bored. I am proficient in software development basics with deep knowledge about OOP and RDBMS which I learned through university and polished through till date. With a passion for coding, I did not stop and moved on to learn more languages just to get the insights of the new technologies. I started off as a web developer with beginner’s skills on HTML, CSS and Javascript. With the knowledge of OOP and C++, I moved on towards learning C# and ASP.NET which I used to make my projects in college years. My final year project, EEG Signal Monitoring, made me explore JAVA as Arduino uses JAVA APIs and to learn AngularJS and Firebase (A NoSQL database). Even after my university, I did not stop exploring the technologies but I was smart enough to stay focused on mastering the languages I did know. I learned how to develop cross-platform applications using apache cordova and ionic using the firsthand knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and AngularJS. Along with that, I used Xamarin to strengthen my C# skills and used both the platforms to develop applications and kept my hands dirty. As of today, not only have I continued exploring the technologies that I have learned with working for native android applications using JAVA and Android Studio, I also have developed a sense of fast paced learning which helps me to shift and adapt to newer technologies as I encounter them.


Completed on Dec 2015

Academic Field
Professions - Engineering
Major Subjects
Computer Science and Engineering, Software Engineering

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