Sylvia ElMistikawy

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Full Name
Sylvia ElMistikawy
35 Y
Total Experience
3 Years
Current Living
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Arabic, English

About me

Dear Recruiter, Reference to my interest in the advertised role, and my:

  • Experience in digital marketing, communications, brand management, account and event management across various industries
    • Fluency in Arabic & English languages
  • Knowledge of UAE and Middle East Markets

I would therefore like to submit my resume to your esteemed organization to apply for this role. Please find attached a copy of my resume. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Sylvia El Mistikawy


Senior Level, Marketing & Advertising, 3 Years ( Jul 2014 - Continuing )


Account Management, Advertising, Branding, Corporate Branding, Digital, Public Relations


Completed on Jun 2014

Academic Field
Formal Sciences - Computer Sciences
Major Subjects
Algebraic (Symbolic) Computation, Artificial Intelligence - Natural Language Processing (Computational Linguistics), Computational Mathematics, Computer Architecture, Computer Communications (Networks) - Internet, World Wide Web, Computer Graphics, Computer Security and Reliability, Data Structures, Information Science - Data Management, Information Science - Data Mining, Information Science - Database, Information Science - Information Management, Information Science - Knowledge Management, Information Science - Multimedia, Hypermedia, Operating Systems, Programming Languages - Compilers, Programming Languages - Object-oriented Programming, Software Engineering

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