Tariq Abdulsalam Omer

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Tariq Abdulsalam Omer
56 Y
Current Living
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Arabic, English, Portuguese

About me

I am forwarding my short C.V for those companies and organizations seeking a ready person to draw strategies, make plans, and achieve results.

My application here is for those who know what they want and are looking for a result maker.

I have worked all around the table and have rolled my sleeves in sales, marketing, advertising , customer service, agency management, training, website designing, video editing, directing, camera and photography, insurance, banking, translation and interpretation.

I can lead any team and handle any responsibility in the areas of insurance, banking, management, marketing, training, development, business startup.

My C.V is very short and I would prefer to meet the employer in person to discuss and to give him/her my vision in the future regarding the business because all C.Vs including mine reflect the past not the future and the subject matter should be the future rather than the past, and of course the interview can allow that opportunity for the employer to make the best choice.

Looking forward to meeting in person


Tariq Abdulsalam


Completed on Jun 1999

Academic Field
Social Sciences - Economics
Major Subjects
Development Economics

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