Tasneem Mukadam

Tasneem Mukadam

Office/Procurement/CRM/Supply Chain Manager with 1 year of total experience

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Full Name
Tasneem Mukadam
34 Y
Total Experience
1 Year
Current Living
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Arabic, English, Hindi

About me

If your organization is seeking a skilled and experienced Office/Procurement/CRM/Supply Chain Manager, I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your needs and objectives. The accomplishments I obtained in the international companies in U.A.E is noted within the accompanying resume will illustrate the value and vision I could bring to your team.

I am an extremely strong professional who is vision-driven, intelligent, tenacious, intuitive, and extremely strategic. I possess proven achievements in all aspects of operations, logistics, and supply chain administration; as well as with procurement and facility management. I am familiar with developing and implementing all processes and systems related to business development and has been successful in establishing productive relationships with all levels of professionals. I have broad-based experience in manufacturing operations, regulatory compliance, and resolution. I am dedicated to providing the highest quality service at all times. My career in the corporate arena has been accelerated based on my ability to deliver results despite organizational challenges.

Details of my background and contributions are documented in the enclosed resume, as I have had excellent career experience in generating and providing effective strategic marketing methods and launching new products based on market research and customer specifications to surpass quotas, increase market share, and optimize revenue base. The core strengths I possess and the ability to translate vision into meaningful action has been approved successfully.

Greater details of my accomplishments and what I have to offer could be found on my resume. I would call your office in a few days to inquire about the possibility of a meeting.


Manager, Hospitality, 1 Year ( May 2016 - Continuing )


CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ), Distribution Center Operations, E Purchase, Logistics
General Administration

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