valeriano delos santos

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valeriano delos santos
38 Y
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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My name is Valeriano M. Delos Santos, self driven and hardworking type of person. has 7 years experience in sales and marketing, customer service in Real Estate Indusrty and given a chance to visit 10 countries to offer philippines properties and meet monthly target Qota. i have 4 to 5 years experience in Hospitality Industry and worked in one of the exclusive Resort Hotel here in Dubai UAE Jumeirah Beach Hotel. i have the ability to get well with different kinds of people in all walks of life, different nationalities, different backgrounds. with the years of experience and confidence in dealing with different clients, i believe that i am the person that you are looking for in your department and team because i am a team player, open minded to different suggestions and opinions and can easily adopt in different changes and time pressure within the working area, and make sure to accomplished things that is need to be prioratized and give attention before it gets worse. and for that i believe i am in a right company to work in a perfect place and perfect time.

Thank you and have a good day.

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Valeriano M. Delos Santos


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Professions - Hotel and Tourism
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Hospitality Marketing Management

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