Physicians Adhoc Role (Easy Apply) in J1Md Dot Com, United States, Palmdale

Nursing homes in uban areas of Palmdale, CA, US welcomes candidates for doctors and physicians opportunities available with their residential area of Palmdale, CA, US institutions to provide consultation and diagnosis to the community of Palmdale, California and nearly localities with the help of professional doctors and nurses. The joining Physicians can remain in sensible condo suites close by and have clear drive to and from the practice. You can engage in a variety of extracurricular activities within minutes’ drive of the medical facility.

The job opportunity is for experienced Physicians with specialization in Family Medicine or other related speciality. Preference will be given to competitors having permit from any clinical council in CA. However, doctors with other states' licenses can also apply with confidence. As physicians, you will treat and diagnose patients and responsible for:
• Prescribing medications or therapies.
• Diagnosing and treating injuries, illnesses, and disorders.
• Provide advice to patients for lifestyle and diet changes that may improve their health or help to treat the health issue they are experiencing.
• Work with the primary healthcare team to provide patients with primary medical care services within the standard of care for Internal Medicine patients.
• Keep records of patients’ progress and history
• Set diagnosis based on medical expertise and knowledge 
• Remain up-to-speed with developments and best practices in medicine by attending conferences and seminars
• Prescribe medications or drugs and provide comprehensive instructions for administration
• Give appropriate advice for healthy habits (diet, hygiene etc.) and preventative actions to promote overall health
The ideal candidate should have license from the state of CA and the following qualifications:
• Outstanding knowledge of medication and drugs and related side effects and contraindications
• Doctor of Medicine degree (MD)
• Completion of a family practice residency in the state.
• Compassionate and approachable personality
• Committed to continuing education, keeping abreast of the latest techniques and advances to the benefit of their patients.
• Broad knowledge of common medications, side effects and contraindications and keeping the knowledge up-to-date.
• Ability to use evidence, method, and intuition, as well as subjective and objective items to provide the fastest, most effective treatment possible.
• Ability to provide calm presence to patients and their attendants.
• Medical degree from a medical college from Palmdale, California is recommended.

Physicians Adhoc Role (Easy Apply)
Employment Type:
Part Time
J1Md Dot Com
United States, Palmdale
PO Box:
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Electrical / Electronics
Marketing / Administrative / Quality Assurance and Audit
Skills Involved:
Development, Research, Communication, Leadership, Creativity, Engineer, Teamwork, Design, Analytical , Interpersonal Abilities, Ability To Make Decisions, Solve Problems, Flexibility/Adaptability, Management Skills, Attention To Detail, Presentation Skills, Active Listening, Strategic Planning, Critical Thinking, Higher Mathematics, Engineering Skills and Equipment Diagnostics
Adequate Relevant
Education Required:
Degree from an accredited medical school in CA
Other Categories:
Published Date:
Mar 6, 2022
Expiry Date:
Jun 1, 2022
Palmdale, CA, US

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