Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for CV Distribution Service

Following are most frequently asked questions:

1. Is the registration fee refundable?

Virtual Assistant is the best approach for job search. Though our service fees are non-refundable, you will have an option to claim a refund within 5 working days of making payment, if you are not satisfied with our approach. It is to give you an opportunity to understand how we work and does our services suit you.

2. Why is registration fee not refundable?

A lot of activities are ferformed by your Virtual Assistant like:

  • Preparation of your professional CV and cover letters
  • Online profile creations
  • CV uploads
  • Online research
  • Daily job applications
  • Reporting and other overheads

And a considerable chunk of registration fee goes towards your account setup, your professional CV / cover letter, charges paid for performing these tasks and business development staff salaries. These expenses are incurred whether you get a job or not. And a major chuck of these expenses is incurred in the initial few days that is why our fees are not refundable.

2. When will the service period start?

The initial setup is very interactive process and involves to-and-fro emails for collecting necessary information, finalizing CV / CL and exchanging emails for other clarifications and may take around a week – in some cases even more. So, the service period starts after the CV and CL are locked, credentials of your account are shared, and first application is made by our freelancers. The initial setup period does not account towards 3 months service period.

3. What is included in this package?

The Virtual Assistant three months package includes:

  • OW Standard CV
  • OW Standard Customized Cover Letters
  • Applications to Jobs Published in newspapers, certain social media groups, recruiters’ and companies’ websites, other job portals, CV uploads to recruiters' websites, online profiles creation to different websites etc.
  • We work for three months for your job applications which are translated as 60 working days of job applications.

4. Can I view my applications details?

You will have access to your dashboard from where you can view the applications details, credentials of profiles created, and other tasks performed on your behalf. You can also follow the links to verify the sources. You are expected to review our working on daily basis and highlight for any errors or other irregularities so that we can address these in next applications/profiles.

5. Is there any guarantee for job or job interviews?

As there are many factors that can affect the actual job offer like:

  • The market conditions;
  • Your performance in job interviews;
  • Suitability of your profile to the company where we applied; and
  • Your salary demands.

And over all these factors, we don’t have any control, so we cannot guarantee any job or job interviews. However, we can assure you the guaranteed work on your behalf that you can verify from your dashboard.

6. Why do you charge success fee?

These are not recruitment services, we work as your Virtual Assistant (VA) to search and apply on jobs on your behalf. It involves substantial working by our freelancers so to motivate them and on the request of many job seekers we put success fee which is only payable when you secure a job from our services. It has following mutual benefits:

  • It keeps us up to work more for you.
  • It is a good source of motivation for our freelancers as they get bonus with each success fee.
  • With the introduction of this success fee, we were able to reduce our registration fee.

7. Why do we charge job seekers?

We work as Virtual Assistant for jobseekers and perform a variety of tasks, on their behalf, like:

  • Preparation of professional CV and cover letters
  • Online profile creations
  • Online CV uploads
  • Online research
  • Daily job applications
  • Reporting and other overheads

We pay freelancers for all these activities whether they get a job or not - so charge small amount of fee.

8. Are we recruiters?

No, these are not recruitment services.

Can You transfer fee to our bank account?

Yes, the registration and success fee may be transferred to our bank account:

Account title Jobs Overseas (Private) Limited
Account No. 1134 0103781677
Branch Code 1134
Branch Address Moulana Shoukat Ali Road, Lahore
Bank Name Meezan Bank Limited
IBAN PK39 MEZN 0011 3401 0378 1677
Country Pakistan