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Adnan Ahmad

Certified Resume and Proposal Writer, Senior Career Consultant and Experienced Recruiter

(87 Reviews)

About me:

I write, rewrite and design resumes, cover letters and business proposals. I try to understand the reader's approach to the document and strive to perfect my work. My ultimate goal is to provide highly personalized service to my clients.

CVs Made

Resume, CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile Writer with Years of Experience in Middle East

(23 Reviews)

About me:

HR professional with 10+ years of experience in recruitment projects. Having ability to implement policies and coordinate with different teams regarding recruitment. Skilled in writing ATS compatible resumes, cover letters and online profiles.

CVs Made

Specialist Resume, Cover Letter and Profile Writer for Engineering Professionals

(20 Reviews)

About me:

I am engineering graduate from Pakistan with strong experience in human resources management. I specialize in writing resumes, cover letters and online profiles for professionals in various engineering desciplines.

CVs Made

Innovative Human Resource Professional and Expert in Talent Acquisition and Professional CV Writing

(148 Reviews)

About me:

Innovative human resource and business development professional, with experience in talent acquisition and profile writing. Expert in developing scalable systems and processes to address complex business challenges.

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