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Imperial, Canada
Engineering ( Others )
Senior Level

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Responsible for implementing and maintaining the hardware and software platform for both basic and advanced process control applications. It includes implementing parts of the infrastructure (primarily networking) and doing risk analysis studies to identify improvement areas and other opportunities The applications running in this computer environment do have a direct influence on unit process operations so reliability and availability are key considerations. Responsible for the maintaining, configuring, and developing the Plant Information system to support refinery staff in the best use of plant data. Site liaison with the IT applications support group for troubleshooting operational issues with Uniformance, Plant historian database (PHD), and Data Visualization. Responsible for the training/support of end users of plant data and to maintain interfaces to site data sources. Day to day monitoring and support for existing servers and workstations in all of our control centers (using tools for that purpose). Identify and work to maintain a secure computing environment for process control by utilizing our Industrial Control System Requirements (ICSR). Work closely with the applications engineers to ensure the computer environment is fit for its intended purpose. Commensurate with experience the systems engineer will identify new opportunities. Participate in morning operations meetings with process mechanical and technical groups, providing input as needed. Establish, maintain, measure, evaluate and steward key performance indicators consistent with recognized engineering standards. Accountable for identification & implementation of company or industry "Best Practices”. As needed, support the systems scope for new projects in their area to ensure application needs are being met and that engineering standards are being followed (including ICSR compliance) by each project. Qualificiations


Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Electrical / Software Engineering, or equivalent. College diploma in Engineering Technology may also be considered in combination with relevant experience. High school diploma or equivalent is mandatory.


3 or more years of related industrial experience. Knowledge of Honeywell DCS including Experion, ACE & C300 Control Execution environment would be an asset. Proficiency and comfort level working with and maintaining computers. In particular the Microsoft Server OS and Active Directory. Solid understanding of computer hardware and terminology, CPU, Memory, HDD, NIC, Video Cards, RAID. Good understanding of virtualization technology, Host machines, guest machines, resource subscription, templates. Understanding of network protocols and concepts such as TCP/IP, switches, routers, firewalls, bandwidth, and latency. Understanding general programming concepts, VB.NET, OOP, database concepts, SQL, HTML. High degree of technical ability, objective troubleshooting skills, able to think and communicate clearly. Ability to communicate a wide variety of technical concepts to others.

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