Teaching Assistant - John Burns Primary School in Richmond and Wandsworth Councils, United Kingdom, London

Teaching Assistant - John Burns Primary School job is available with Richmond and Wandsworth Councils in United Kingdom, London. It is a Senior level role. To be considered, the applicant should fulfill the following requirements:

  • ATT, GCSE, GCSE, GCSE and Graduate qualification for functions: . 
  • Minimum experience required is: .

Tentative expiry date of this job post is 01 December 2023. You can apply through OWCareers but we encourage to visit the company website - jobs.richmondandwandsworth.gov.uk. The ideal candidate should have skills like . The successful candidate should be responsible for functions typically expected from Teaching Assistant - John Burns Primary School .

Please never pay any money for jobs and report any such incidents to us, so that immediate action can be taken to safeguard the interests of the general public.

Teaching Assistant - John Burns Primary School
Employment Type:
Full Time
Richmond and Wandsworth Councils
United Kingdom, London
PO Box:
SW11 5QR
Collected From Job Portals
Education - Primary / Secondary / Higher
Skills Involved:
Email, Assistant, Time Management, Written And Verbal Communication, Accuracy And Attention To Detail, Knowledge Of Relevant Software, Tact And Discretion, Administrative, Appointments and Correspondence
Please see the post for details
Education Required:
ATT, GCSE, GCSE, GCSE and Graduate
Other Categories:
Published Date:
Nov 23, 2023
Expiry Date:
Dec 1, 2023
Greater London United Kingdom

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