Chief Accountant

Gerald Group - United Arab Emirates, Dubai state

Commodity Trading | Mining

About the job
Position Summary:
Marampa Holding is looking to hire a Chief Accountant with a strong experience in Consolidation and liaison with external auditors (ideally Big 4). Management and leadership skills are required for this position. The ideal candidate should preferably come from the commodity trading or mining sector.

Lead a team of 2 accountants (direct reports)
Supervise and manage bookkeeping quality (IFRS rules)
Own and manage monthly closure tasks prior to reporting
Review consolidated financials (IS, BS and Cash-flow) in local ERP
Prepare monthly reconciliation to Holding (local vs. consolidated view)
Assist in Statutory audits and/or any other local tax requests
Act as deputy for all Accounting relevant tasks incl. payroll (if necessary)
Apply Group standards, policies and directives
Support on implementing posting rules and procedures (Accounting and Reporting Manual)
Master Data Management: ensure closed value flows in the local ERP system and reduce manual interventions

Educational Qualifications and Experience:
University (Degree) or equivalent in Accounting, Finance or Business Administration
Professional accountancy certification desired (e.g. ACCA/CIMA)
Min. 5 years of relevant experience as Chief accountant (ideally Mining, Commodity trading)
Regular interaction with headquarters (Western HQ based)
IT ERP knowledge (D365 F&O would be an asset)
Familiarity with Accounting for consolidated entities, cash accounting
Highly autonomous person with analytical and joined-up thinking
Good communication skill and assertiveness
High attention to detail
Critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Key Job Requirements:

  • Min. 5 years of relevant experience as Chief Accountant in Mining or Commodity trading sector
  • Regular interaction with headquarters based in Western countries

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Full Time

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21 Mar 2024

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20 May 2024

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IFRS rules
ERP knowledge
Analytical skills
Communication skills

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Gerald Group - United Arab Emirates, Dubai state

Hospital and Health center

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Communication skills